Kabir Educational Group

Established in 1999, with the noble aim of providing education to the children of Faizabad, the kabir educational society is a pioneer in providing quality education.

The society draws its Board of Directors and Members who have lend their skills & knowledge in formulating the guiding principles, encourages student to develop their inner self theoretically and practically, but also embody the values which draw on our cultural heritage. This combination empowers them to the future leaders.

Faizabad Public School

Faizabad Public School is a community of learners including students, parents and staff who are dedicated to creating an academically rigorous, culturally caring and inclusive learning environment. It is affiliated to the CBSE. The schools provide a holistic learning environment with a listening rich syllabus aimed at greater retention and productivity.

The administration and staff are committed to providing a challenging and supportive learning environment where all students can succeed and reach their full potential. Every member participates in cycles of continuous learning and improvement that includes establishing high expectations, goal setting, planning, action and reflection.
At Faizabad Public School, Community Service is an essential component of education. Children must be aware of the pain and suffering in the world around them and develop a spirit of social responsibility at a young age. To sensitize them to the needs of the under privileged people in the society many awareness activities are organised in and out of the school.

School Houses

The school students are divided in four different Houses and school calendar-wise co-curricular activities are organized. In these activities there are academic and sports acivities. Each child is motivated to participate in total 3 activities, i.e., academic curricular and co-curricular activities. House system develops a sense of belongingness, feeling of brotherhood and sense of responsibility. When a child participates in competitions his confidence develops. If he wins he is motivated, if he loses he learns sportsmanship that is; winning and losing is a part of game. The real thing is learning.

We named the houses after the names of birds that is Canary - for its singing skills ; it's a skilled concertos, Falcon for its incredible flying abilities, Robin for its maneuvers, its melodious singing, Wood Pecker for its amazing physical abilities, wonder that it does not fall off while drilling into tree.